Our beloved pets are also part of our family, then why not take extra measures to protect them too?   Protect them from unexpected incidents and diseases that can cause a toll on the health of your pet. Pet Insurance for dogs and cats assist pet owners to bear medical expenses. With pet insurance, give your pets all the love and care & without the pressure of bearing too many expenses.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a health policy bought by pet owners which helps pet animals to reduce the overall expense that occurs while they are treated in veterinary hospitals. Petofy can help you get comprehensive pet insurance coverage from head to paw for your Pets. Get the best insurance plan with excellent customer service and experience. 

Why Pet Insurance Is Important?

Pet health insurance in India helps you to safeguard your pets from many risks and threats. Our Pets cannot take care of themselves, it is our duty to look after their well-being and ensure they get the best care.
We’re aware that life is uncertain and accidents or risks are always a possibility. If your pet is unwell or gets injured, you need not worry about the expenses. While taking them to the vet and make sure your furry partner gets the best treatment possible.

Dog Insurance

Pet Insurance for dogs helps to protect your lifelong companion from any illness. Dog Insurance in India gives you different policies in order to choose the most suitable one for your pet. According to their breed and other essential factors.
Dog Health Insurance is one of the best safety measures you can provide to your dog.

Cat Insurance

Cat Insurance offers protection and coverage against diseases as well as illness. If you’ve just bought home a little kitten and you want to take all the safety measures in mind. We recommend you get one for your adorable pet.


  • Better Pet Care
  • Expensive Treatment Coverage
  • Implied on all Pets
  • Money Efficient
  • Sense of relief

Our Pet Insurance - Procedure

Our pet health insurance plan covers:

  • Emergency or Accidental injuries
  • Illnesses or diseases
  • Cancer or genetic conditions

Pet parents can also customize their policy to get only the coverage that is required i.e. to pay for only what they need. This helps you make health care for your pets more affordable and provides you some additional quality time with your four-legged companions. A pet health insurance policy works as a great way to enjoy yourself with your pets without worrying about any possible accidents or illnesses that may occur.

1. Surgery Expenses Cover

This cover allows you to claim the surgery expenses for the treatment of the dog, carried out by a qualified vet, up to a maximum of INR 50000. It also gives your pet cover for pre and post-surgery expenses, so your pet can recover comfortably. Additionally, you also get protected against the treatment of fractured limbs of the pet dog, subject to a maximum limit of INR 5000.

2. Hospitalization Cover

If your pet has to be hospitalized, this is the cover that will safeguard you financially for the expenses that will be incurred, subject to a maximum of INR 2500 per day of hospitalization of the Insured dog for a maximum of 4 days.

Any cover will not be an available midterm and will have to be opted for at the inception/renewal of the Policy.


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When owners/pet parents are not able to afford the treatment of their pets, this becomes the worst part of having a pet. This is the reason why insured pet parents can go to the vet with confidence and get the treatment that their pet needs without worrying about the costs. Hence, pet health insurance is a must-have for every pet parent as it guarantees that you don’t encounter any financial troubles and keeps your pet at your number one priority!
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  • The premium of this insurance plan would depend upon the age, breed, and gender of the dog. Pet dogs are classified into either Small, Medium, Large or Giant sizes based on the breed of the dog. *

  • In order to be eligible for the cover, the dog must be between the ages of 3 months to 4 years for Giant Breeds or 3 months to 7 years for Small/Medium/Large breeds. Insurance can be offered to your dog for up to the age of 6 years for Giant breeds or 10 years for Small/Medium/Large breeds if continuously renewed.

  • For the coverage to be valid, your dog needs to be vaccinated throughout the policy period.

  • Inclusions and specific exclusions of cover are important to note before buying a dog insurance plan.

Premium Starting from Rs 315*/-year + GST