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The Guide to American Eskimo Dogs: Breed History, Characteristics, Care, and Training Tips

Date: 2023-05-31

American Eskimo Dogs are charming and intelligent companions known for their stunning white coats, foxlike appearance, and friendly demeanor. This comprehensive guide will delve into the captivating world of American Eskimo Dogs, covering their fascinating breed history, unique characteristics, essential care requirements, and effective training tips. Whether you’re considering bringing an American Eskimo Dog into…

The Ultimate Pet Travel Guide: Exploring the World with Your Furry Friend

Date: 2023-05-18

Pet travel, ever heard of this term? This is quite famous now on Instagram and other social media platforms. Pet parents prefer to take their furry companions along with them to new places. But due to lack of proper pet travel guide, pet parents & pets have to face trouble in travelling. Researching well about…

Pawsome Mother’s Day: Celebrating Pet Moms and Their Unconditional Love

Date: 2023-05-11

Mother’s Day is a cherished occasion that honors and celebrates the incredible love, care, and dedication of mothers worldwide. It’s a day to express gratitude for the immeasurable impact they have on our lives. But when we think of mothers, it’s not just limited to human moms. There is another group of remarkable moms who…

The Best Summer Foods for Your Pet: What to Feed Them and What to Avoid 

Date: 2023-05-08

After shivering weather and cold weather, we surely miss summers. For dogs and cats, summers can be fun and challenging. As a pet parent, it is highly important to make sure you are providing a healthy summer foods to your pet and enough hydration.   A balanced diet is essential for pets year-round, but it becomes…

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These babies were born, and in these 2 months, I did everything to find a loving home for them, and in this journey, #petofyindia helped a lot with the quick replies and finding leads, and with their help, I got their forever homes.

Ankita Pradhan

Pet Parent , Meerut

Petofy is an amazing knowledge-based platform for pet parents like me. I can see my pet's vaccinations, nutrition, and other crucial updates, which I usually forget. Thanks to Petofy for keeping it this simple for me.

S.K Elawarasan

Pet Parent , Tamil Nadu