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10 Mood-boosting benefits of Pet Insurance 

Date: 2022-09-24

Pet Insurance has gained a lot of popularity over the span of a few years. Let us understand why it is needful. What all types of pet insurance are there and the benefits of exclusive pet insurance?  “Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”, protecting our loved ones is always…

Indian spitz dog- everything you need to know about price health lifespan

Date: 2022-09-20

History/Origin  Long ago in India, the import and export of foreign breeds were restrained, and only German shepherds were allowed. This goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries. So later the breeders came up with a solution – a breed resembling the German spitz, Samoyed, and a bit Pomeranian. After the successful breeding of the…

Blue Dutch Shepherd – Everything you need to know  

Date: 2022-09-07

Introduction The ecstatic Blue Dutch Shepherd is a rare breed dog and probably hasn’t heard of such a name. At least not in everyday conversations but here’s a surprising fact Dutch shepherd are just as loyal, charming, intelligent, and active as German shepherds or Labrador retrievers are. Yet this breed isn’t popular enough around.   Let…

Microchip for Dogs India Learn, Buy and Register on Petofy

Date: 2022-09-03

Owning a pet is a challenging task, it comes with responsibility. And sometimes no matter how careful we are, unfortunate events occur. When your pet goes missing, there are only a few chances that you will be able to find them again.  It’s indefinite to say when and how etc. You simply have to wait…

What Our Pet Parents Say

These babies were born and in these 2 months I did everything to find a loveable home for them and in this journey #petofyindia helped, a lot, the quick replies, finding leads, and with their help, I got forever homes for them.Thank you Petofy for helping me and these little are doing a great job..

Ankita Pradhan


Petofy is an amazing knowledge based platform for pet parents like me. I can see my pet vaccinations, nutrition and other crucial updates, which I usually forget. thanks to Petofy to keep it this simple for me.

S.K Elawarasan

Tamil Nadu