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Petofy helps in keeping an online health record of pets that helps pet parents and Veterinarians ... to take care of their pets! When it comes to managing your pet’s health, it is very important to stay informed and organized. Having a copy of your pet’s health records is essential in determining what kind of treatment and care they may need. However, accessing and maintaining track of pet health records is still a challenge for various pet owners. Petofy with the help of its cloud-based veterinary management software keeps a track of your pet’s health record by putting all of their important information in one place. Based on this information, we provide useful data regarding first aid conditions, diseases, and other suggestions, and guidance for the regular care of your pets, and more. This information works as a great tool for pet parents with a single pet, multiple pets, who travel with pets, and also for veterinarians, it becomes easy to keep a track of every pet’s needs. Read more

Benifits 1

Access pet health-related information easily via mobile app or website.​

Benifits 2

Easy way to access information from anywhere around the world.​

Benifits 3

Set reminders by using calendars and Task management features.​

Benifits 4

All the information will be secure as you will get a username and password.​

Benifits 1

Allows instant access to patient reports for more efficient care. No misplacing of files.

Benifits 2

No time wasted in the case of digitalized veterinary practices for search, fill, or delete data.

Benifits 3

Promote clear, accurate, and complete documentation plus streamlined billing.

Benifits 4

Less chance to skip any essential steps in your protocols. Accurate and thorough information. ​

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