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Get Pet Care at fingertips with Vet On Call, from anywhere anytime!


We’re dedicated to helping you simplify pet parenting!

Vet On Call helps you to get easy & quick virtual consultations for your pet.
It’s effortless and smooth just at the leisure of your home.

  1. Connect with veterinarians through video and audio consultations.

  2. Conveniently schedule appointments with our Petofy app..

  3. Share your pet's medical history seamlessly with your vet.

  4. Enjoy multi-device compatibility for easy access to vet services.

How to Book Online Vet on Call Consultation

A convenient and effective way to resolve all your pet queries,
from the comfort of your home. Get access to the best veterinary care!

Book a session

To connect with our veterinarian,
book a slot time according to your preference.

Choose a vet

Select a vet on the basis of specialty,
reviews, or your preference.

Share details about your pet

Feel free to upload photos and medical documents,
if desired, to ensure comprehensive care.

Our vet will be on time!

Finally, our vet will consult your pet
with the best possible recommendation.

Happy Pet Parents

Duke's Dad - Amit

Whenever I have a health concern about my pets, I no longer need to worry or wait for an appointment. The ease of scheduling a call and the convenience of discussing my pet's condition from home have made a world of difference. Petofy Vet on Call is truly a blessing for pet parents!"

Lily's Mom - Jyoti

My first-time experience with Vet on Call was amazing, main nervous thi ki vet se connect ho bhi paega ya nahi. Mere pet ki problem ka solution milega ki bhi nahi. Lekin call ke waqt hi mujhe realize ho gaya ki vet bohot hi ache se bata rahe the. Mera pet 'bruno' bhi vet k interaction se khush tha.

Coco's Mom - Neelam

Petofy Vet on Call has been a lifesaver for me and my fur babies The service is prompt and reliable, and the veterinarians are amazing. It's like having a trusted veterinarian in my pocket! The convenience and quality of care they provide are outstanding. I'm so glad I discovered Petofy Vet on Call!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:What is the refund policy for the vet on call service?

A: We have a refund policy in place for cases where due to unforeseen events there is a no-show from a vet or pet parents cancel out, etc.

Q: What are the operating hours/timing for the vet on call service?

A: Our vet on call service operates during specific hours (7 am to 9 am).

Q: What happens if I face internet connectivity issues during the call?

A: We recommend trying to reconnect or switching to a more stable network. You can also reach out to our customer care

Q: What if I have poor network coverage during the call?

A: We suggest finding a location with better network reception or moving to an area with a stronger signal.

Q: Can I follow up with additional calls after the initial consultation?

A: Yes, our vet on call service is designed to provide continuous support and guidance to pet owners.

Q: Can I get a prescription through the vet on call service?

A: Our veterinarians can provide prescriptions when deemed necessary during the consultation