Feature Video's

How to add a new Pet & how to create a new prescriptions

This module is about adding a new pet and creating a digital record keeping of pets and to create a digital prescription for a particular pet.

How to use record Keeping functionality

This video will help you in record keeping of your clinic pet digitally on a cloud based storage.

How to create Online appointments

Online appointment functionality helps you to create appointments of your clinic visits and video consultations which have to be done in future.

How to use billing functionality

Billing feature helps you to create a bill for any pet from your clinic.

How to use Staff Management feature

This feature helps you to manage your staff digitally and you can give them permission accordingly.

How to create manual immunization

Manual immunization helps you to manage your clinic pets immunization manually

How to create automatic immunization

Automatic Immunization helps you to create your clinic pets immunization automatically.